This year I had a chance to be a part of The Traveling Dress project. This super rad project involved photographers from all over the world and a single dress. We spent the past 6 months mailing the same dress all over the world and photographing it. The best part was we weren’t able to share our images with each other or anyone until TODAY. It was super cool to see how we all viewed the same dress through our own creative eye and brought our unique visions to life.

You can probably tell this is a little different from my typical work. No happy couples or beautiful landscapes here.. just one BA babe and a dress. I had the opportunity (for the first time) to work with an AMAZINGLY talented professional model, Breck Gambill. Y’all.. she’s the real deal. She works with some of the most talented photographers all over the world and is always jet setting on her next modeling adventure. I got lucky enough to schedule to this session with her while she was back in her hometown in Illinois (between her trips to Australia + Paris)! Do yourself a favor a follow along with her adventures: Breck Gambill

Here’s the other super talented gals I had a chance to work with on this project. Definitely take some time to check out the links below to their images of the dress!

Coleen Hodges | Mari Transcoso | Carol Jean | Randi Kreckman | Abbie Rose | Emilie Iggiotti