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It’s kind of an unknown rule in the photography world that if one of your best friends is a wedding photographer, you shouldn’t hire them. Instead, you should invite them to your wedding so they can celebrate with you without being in “work” mode. There’s definitely some instances where this is true, but for this particular wedding, it was definitely an exception to the rule.

Jessi and I “met” online about two years ago now (are you noticing how many times I talk about my online friends? I promise they’re real, guys). She’s a fellow photographer, believer in Jesus and we instantly hit it off. It’s wild to think you could have so much in common with a stranger you met in an online photography group, but that’s exactly what happened to us! We’ve talked almost every day since and I consider Jessi one of my closest friends. She’s the kind of friend you can share your heart with and know that encouragement will always come your way. Jessi is one of the most selfless people I know, especially when it comes to being a momma to the other love of her life, Cooper. I’ve photographed a lot of kiddos in my day and I can say without a shadow of doubt this kid was the most respectful, down to earth, hilarious, kind hearted little one I’ve photographed. Such a testament to Jessi’s love and dedication to this sweet boy.

God usually writes fairly complex but beautiful love stories for us and I have to say this one is no exception. Hearing about how much Jesus has done in Jessi and Dustin’s life both separately and together made me even more excited to celebrate with them on their wedding day. We actually hadn’t met until their wedding day and the first thing Jessi said when Eric and I walked into her mom’s house where she was getting ready was, “Oh my word! You’re both SO TALL! You look WAY taller in person than you do online.” Word of warning to future couples. (;

I was absolutely honored to be asked to photograph Jessi and Dustin’s wedding and it turned out to be one of the most meaningful weddings we’ve ever photographed. And even MORE honored than we had a seat at the head table! It was simple yet beautiful, and focused on the love of this sweet family and all that God has done for them (and plans to do). Jessi did basically all the planning with some help from family and friends and it was even more gorgeous than I had imagined! I also feel like I had a true Texas wedding experience when some horses showed up for bridal portraits as well. Grab a cup of coffee, folks, press play, and enjoy some of my favorite moments from Jessi and Dustin’s wedding celebration.


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