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      Tell us about the proposal!
      so here’s the thing (Kristen you can choose whether or not to include this but) I knew we had to have Kristen as our photographer after she blew us away when we modeled for a styled shoot for her, and we had been talking about getting married for awhile so I casually messaged her about availability and she had like ONE DATE left in October (I’m basic and wanted fall photos anyways) so I was like babe, I booked the photographer and we have to be engaged by then I’m not waiting another year. Lol. So I knew it was coming anyways, and everywhere we went I was like “you’re about to propose I know it”. Totally took the fun out. 😉 But he had my best friend plan a girls weekend for me in St. Louis and we had the best day, then she was like let’s go to this park to take photos of Kainen at sunset and I was like, uhhhh duh?! And there he was with a candlelit path down on one knee. Ugh!!!

      Why did you decide to elope?
      We eloped because we knew we wanted something intimate and special. Making incredible memories and getting to spend our wedding day focused on each other was so much more important to us than gifts and traditions.

      What made you choose the desert for your elopement location? 
      Neither of us had been to the desert!!! The mountains are pretty regular for us but we wanted to try someone new – give a new place a big meaning and that’s exactly what we did. Moab will always be so special for us to go back to.

      Erika, What was your favorite moment from your elopement day? 
      My favorite memory was climbing rocks in my wedding dress to get up on a cliff. Anything for the photo! And how many brides can say that?!

      Drew, What was your favorite moment from your elopement day? 
      When Eric got a flat tire, and getting to explore the most incredible place with my beautiful wife and two wonderful friends. (Eric and Kristen)

      Which of you cried the most?!
      That would be me (Erika). We both swore we wouldn’t cry but then Drew was all choked up reading his vows and between that and having to follow his with mine, it was game over for me.

      Are you glad you decided to elope? 
      Wouldn’t have done it any other way.

      Do you have any advice for newly engaged couples or those considering an elopement?
      If you’re considering it, oh my gosh go for it!! You will NOT regret it. The big wedding and all of the fancy things are so enticing, we get it, but the hype for one day is so overrated when you don’t even end up enjoying it with your better half during it because there’s so much else to worry about. I’ve seen it time and time again and that’s what solidified our decision.

      Anything else you’d like to share?
      Kristen is the bomb don’t hire anyone else.


      This page gives me the chills & good vibes forever…book Kristen, you won’t regret it!

      Amandamarie Gillen

      These images are absolutely stunning! Beyond gorgeous, and I almost feel as if I were there just looking at them! Incredible job, as always! Your work always captures my heart! <3