Kristen Kaiser is now Maudlin Co.

      Why Maudlin Co.?

      Honestly, I sold out a few years ago. What originally sparked my love for photography when I started my business 7 years ago, slowly faded as my business grew. As I grew, my opportunities grew. While my creativity and passion never waned, I found the thrill of photographing high-end couples for the investment of a downpayment on a home was more intoxicating than truly bonding with them. While I was traveling the world, teaching courses, and had “made it” as an esteemed wedding photographer, something was missing. The true emotion.

      Meet Maudlin Co.

      The move to Maudlin Co. is a move back to my original passion and love for photography.

      The emotion. The sentiment. The nostalgia. TRUE connection from people not afraid to share their stories. Madulin Co. is about unabashed emotion.

      If you’re looking for a photographer who will take beautiful photos of you smiling as a couple and capture all your centerpieces and details with publication in mind, there are hundreds of photographers out there for you.

      But if capturing emotion is more important to you than perfect posing, if you’ve always lived life a little off the beaten path, if you embrace the messiness of life over perfection and want that feel conveyed through your gallery, Madulin Co. might just be a perfect match for your day.

      For the history buffs

      The word maudlin can be traced back to the name of a town in ancient Palestine, Magdala. But the meaning of maudlin is associated with a person in the Christian Bible. In the Gospels, Mary Magdalene was so called because she was thought to have come from Magdala. She was a devoted follower of Jesus and was present at his crucifixion. Yet her name was not always spelled as it is today. Our modern English translations of the Bible have gone back to the Latin text for the form Magdalene. But in early French, the g dropped out and the word became Madelaine. When the name was taken into Middle English from the early French texts, its form was Maudeleyn and later Maudlin. In the Middle Ages, religious artists painting scenes of the crucifixion and burial of Jesus showed Mary as weeping. In time her name became an adjective for a tearful show of emotion and later especially for an exaggerated display of emotion from being nostalgic of the past.

      Maudlin Co. is about unabashed emotion and nostalgia about your images we capture. We want you to look back on your images decades from now with tearful emotion and relive those experiences over and over again.