I’ve shared my story, inspiration, and a few images with you, but I don’t think there’s anyone better to tell you about my approach, style, and what it’s like working with me better than my couples. I’m grateful so many of my couples have reflected back on their images and taken time to write about their unique experience. They know choosing someone to document your wedding day is a big decision. These notes are written specifically with you in mind and they’ve asked me to share them with you. I’m also the worst at talking about my own work. I get all nervous and panicky. So I’ll let my couples do it for me.

JUSTINE & DYLAN | Santorini, Greece

"Kristen is such a dream. We sought out Kristen for engagement photos only, but ended up booking her for our: engagement session, elopement in Greece and our celebration back at home with our family and friends. Long story short, that was the best decision ever! We’re so thankful to have been able to have her photograph all our special events, but above all, especially our elopement! She honestly made us feel SO special. Kristen's professionalism is top notch. She's a hard worker and went above and beyond our expectations. She knew exactly when to give us our intimate, special moments, and when to give us direction. From Kristen scouting the best locations, to stopping and grabbing gyros for us, to the nonstop laughs, to going off the beatin’ path to get the most RAD backdrops… it will always be the BEST DAY EVER! We’re forever thankful and will always cherish the moments + details she captured of our special day. To top it all off, we gained an exceptionally awesome friend."

EMILY & BLAKE | Taos, New Mexico & Dubuque, Iowa

It's hard to put into words how much we appreciate Kristen in a few sentences, but here's a quick recap. She is a professional. It can be really hard to figure out what you're investing in from social media and internet reviews when you're planning a wedding but I can assure you Kristen was the best investment. We hired Kristen to shoot our engagement photos in New Mexico and our wedding in Iowa. She was so helpful in planning our engagement shoot and offered really great advice, a timeline for our wedding and she captured us perfectly and didn't force poses so all of the photos really feel like us. Her style of shooting/equipment and her editing is something that can only be done by someone with her level of experience and talent. Plus she's genuinely a cool and fun person! We recommend Kristen to everyone 10/10.

AUSTIN & BOBBY | Galesburg, IL

"Kristen was absolutely amazing to work with! Bobby and I are so glad we chose her!  And, in weird way, I think fate or something brought us together. I will admit, at first, I was very intimidated by Kristen's work, and was afraid to even ask if she would be interested and available to be our photographer. I thought to myself, “Wow, she does amazing work, and the people and the weddings are so beautiful, there is no way she is going to want to have anything to do with our simple little wedding.” 

Immediately after meeting her in person, she gave me a hug, and all my fears instantly melted away, as I could tell she was a truly genuine, kind and humble person. While we were working with her, I did not get the impression that our simple little wedding was beneath her, or any less important than any other wedding she had photographed. Plus, she wore Chuck Taylor’s, so I was even more convinced, we had made the right decision!

Her personality, down-to-earth approach, and ability to make people feel comfortable, really allows her to capture the most important and intimate moments in people’s lives.  She truly is one of a kind, and she has a beautiful soul! From the bottom of my heart, Austin"

CAMILLE & BRIAN | Cleveland, OH

"Let me preface this by saying I NEVER write reviews, but feel the need to do so because Kristen was so unbelievably fantastic to work with. My husband and I aren’t crazy about taking pictures.. we were a little nervous, and to be quite honest we were kind of dreading that portion of the day. We have to say, Kristen went above and beyond and exceeded all expectations. Not only was she an absolute blast to be around, but she was also professional, organized and made the entire process a breeze. We also had a large (and pretty rowdy) bridal party of 20 that Kristen had no problem directing for photos. We were so impressed with her ability to make us feel comfortable and at ease (we almost forgot we were even taking photos at points in the day). We are completely blown away with how well she was able to capture the magic of our weekend in the most stunning way possible. My husband and I couldn’t be happier with our photos and the entire experience we had with Kristen. We could not have asked for a better person to work with on our day. Thank you Kristen!!"

LIZZY & ROBIN | Chicago, IL

"We hired Kristen as our photographer after seeing another wedding she captured at our venue, Salvage One and falling in love with her photos. Prior to booking her for our wedding, we had a super fun engagement session all around downtown Chicago. Kristen is super down to earth, friendly and professional. My husband and I are pretty awkward in front of the camera but she made us feel at ease and helped us enjoy ourselves in the process. She was also readily available whenever we had questions or concerns leading up to the wedding. We love our wedding pictures and can't look at them without getting emotional. Thank you Kristen for capturing our special day!!"

ERIKA & JACOB | Champaign, IL

"Working with Kristen is a dream. She is the most incredible human who cares deeply about the couples she works with. From the moment she stepped foot onto our wedding venue, everything was effortless, fun and relaxing. She was by far my favorite person to work with on our wedding day because she kept my husband and I laughing all day and allowed us to slow down through all the crazy to just enjoy time together as a newly married couple. Now, I haven't even mentioned the photos. What is a word I could even use to describe them? The photos they capture are incredibly raw and genuine which allows you to not only see what the day looked like, but remember exactly how you felt in each moment they capture. Is there anything more you can ask for in photos? Kristen has a true gift and you will not be disappointed during any step of the way. Thank you for being one of the most fun, best parts of our day!"

ALI & CAM | Birmingham, AL

"Everyone desires to have their story told in a way that truly portrays the value + emotion of their life at a given time – and ours, in this season, happens to be a story of redemption, freedom + love.

We had seen, followed + admired the work of photographer Kristen for over a year + had fallen in love with her talent. The way she tells stories through her lens is remarkably captivating + there was no question that we wanted our day to be captured + shared through her perspective.

We had a small, intimate wedding with about 10 family members present… what could go wrong? A “winter storm” shut the city down and nearly ALL our local vendors cancelling DAY OF.

Plans and expectations changed due to conditions out of our control, therefore I had to be realistic in thinking that if a local vendor has to cancel due to inclement weather conditions, I seriously can’t expect my photographer to travel to Central Alabama from Central Illinois. But she did - along with her second shooter. Multiple flights cancelled + a spontaneous road trip later… they showed up. This spoke VOLUMES!

Not only are Kristen's photographs a true work of art, but the integrity + client-centeredness of their business is unsurpassed. From the skype coffee date to the unpacking of my wedding photos in hand, the experience was a relaxed, fun + exciting one.

We knew we weren't just 'hiring' Kristen, but choosing to make an investment... in us, for our day. Our wedding day photographs are a treasure. Now those precious once-in-a-lifetime moments aren't just memories running through our minds but moments captured. Tangible reminders of… redemption, freedom, + love. Our story was a story well told."


"Kristen was by far the perfect photographer for our wedding day (s!) When Covid happened, she was so amazing with helping us deal with the stress and was seriously such a gem. She shot our “micro” wedding and our BIG celebration, one year anniversary! Both extremely hot hot days and she was such a pleasure to work with, helping us forget about the heat! Our family and friends loved her and all made a point to mention how wonderful they thought she was. We love our photos from both days so much!! I’m also so obsessed with our wedding album that we will cherish for years to come! I literally can’t say enough good things about her!!"

KATE & BRENNAN | Princeton, IL

"Our wedding wouldn’t of been complete without Kristen. Since the day we started chatting about our wedding, my husband and I loved her. She's down to earth and made us feel comfortable and special. I doubt you will find another photographer as kind and genuine as Kristen. Our family even talks highly of her, everyone is dying to see our photos! Nothing posed. Your pictures will be real, in the moment memories- can’t get much better than that."

CHELSI & REID | Chicago, IL

"First and most importantly, Kristen is just an amazing human. She’s so responsive and professional plus she just genuinely cares about what matters to you on your day. We really felt taken care of and had no worries with her helping us.

Secondly, her photos are just astonishing. I’ve had so many people ask who our photographer was for our engagement session/wedding, I’m always happy to direct them to Kristen because I know they would be 150% satisfied if they went to her. It was the best decision we made by far throughout the whole wedding process."

LAUREN & KYLE | Gridley, IL

"Kristen was absolutely a dream to work with and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone! Not only is she talented beyond belief, she is so fun to be around! Two thumbs up from me. :)"

SARA & JOE | Devil's Lake, WI

"I reached out to Kristen right away because the elopement I had been planning for next year would be moved up drastically by my fiancé's decision to join the USMC and I knew she would be able to help me. And she definitely did. She helped me plan out our photos completely last minute and spur of the moment. She reassured me, directed me, and helped me through some of the most stressful weeks of my life as we waited to figure out how our lives were about to change forever.

When it came to the actual day of the photos, Kristen was amazing. The last thing you want to be on such a special day is stressed, and with her there, my fiancé and I spent the whole time laughing, joking, and reminiscing on our love for one another. And now, actually having the photos in my hands to look at, I am in so much awe of what an amazing job she did. Every time I look at our photographs, I feel everything from that day all over. Which is a truly amazing feeling. The cold air, the nerves, and all the love.

In the end, you HAVE to pick a photographer whose work moves you. Speaks to you. Someone you can get along with. Someone who will be a friend. And I know that person will be different for everyone. But for me, I couldn't have found a more perfect soul to accompany us on the beginning of this adventure. I will be forever grateful. Thank you a million."


"I first came across Kristen as a reference from a string of endless photographers that were either unavailable on our wedding date or weren't able to travel to Northwestern Illinois. When I came across Kristen, she was one of the only photographers to be flexible with our date and wedding destination.

But one of the things that stuck out most to me during my first interactions with Kristen was her desire and passion to just capture us being us. Because after all is said and done, the wedding is planned and the day as passed, all you have left is your memories and your photos of you and your spouse and all the emotions that were flowing that day. Somehow, Kristen captured every single memory, feeling of joy and pure love perfectly in her each photo.

I could go on and on about how amazing each shot was and the endless compliments we still receive on all our photos, but no amount of words will be able to describe the beautiful work-- you'd have to check her work out for yourself. And while there are many other photographers out there who are beyond talented, there is only one Kristen who's heart is made of gold! She cares for her clients more than any of my other vendors could have dreamed about. From your first email to the engagement session to the wedding day to 2 months post the wedding, she continually follows up with you to make sure you're happy and stress free because she CARES. It's more than a client relationship, she makes you want to be her friend, stalk her Instagram and hangout on weekends to binge watching The Office--because she's that cool.

We are just so beyond bless and excited and grateful we choose Kristen (and she choose us) for the best day of our lives and we're so excited to continue working with her for all our future sessions!! I just feel bad for anyone who doesn't get her as their photographer!"

KAYLA & ANDREW | Bloomington, IL

"Kristen is absolutely amazing. I stumbled upon her website on Facebook, and I am so glad I contacted her. She is everything I could have asked for in a photographer and more, especially for such an important event in my life! Kristen doesn't give you the typical posed photos--She magically manages to capture your personalities and love for each other in every shot. Kristen was very easy to talk to, and responded to my (sometimes crazy) questions and requests quickly! She gave me better photos than I could have dreamed of. I would recommend her to anyone!"

MARY & ANDREW | St Louis, MO

"Kristen did an amazing job shooting our wedding. She went above and beyond capturing every moment any bride and groom would want to remember. We have received endless compliments on the style, quality, and uniqueness of our photos. I would recommend Kristen for your wedding (or any other) if you want beautiful, one of a kind pictures."


"Kristen is an amazingly talented business woman and photographer! As a fellow photographer is it sometimes hard to find someone who you trust with your own photos. When I got my anniversary session back from Kristen I cried the happiest tears! She captured our love in a way that showed us and who were are as a couple. Not not just pretty images (which they were definitely pretty too, but they were so so much more!)"


"We found Kristen when deciding to book “maternity photos.” Even that phrase makes me cringe a little! What I really wanted was just to capture my husband and I at that point in our lives: young (ish!), in love, and probably a little tired with our second baby on the way!

I knew I did not want typical maternity photos, and didn’t necessarily want to focus on my belly the whole time. I had been seeing Kristen’s photos on social media and loved the way she could convey emotion through her work with couples, so I contacted her and we booked a day!

She was so impressively prompt and kind with communication, and she was wonderful to work with throughout our session. Our session was easy-going; Kristen gave us minimal direction (though enough to help us along when we needed it) and just let us kind of interact as she shot around us. It actually gave us a bit of time to focus on each other and reflect… I’m sure we even forgot she was there a few times! Her turnaround time was prompt, and our photos took my breath away!

Kristen has an amazing eye and feel for photography, and I still love keeping up with her newest work. I would highly recommend her for weddings and engagements, but even just a couple’s session for fun. Especially if you have children, it’s such an amazing way to connect and remember how to be just two."

AMANDA & NICK | Yosemite National Park, CA

"Kristen made us feel so comfortable. She took our engagement photos in Yosemite. I know, what a more beautiful place to be?!! But even with the breathtaking views our love stood out in each photo! Thank you Kristen!!"


"Kristen was such fun to work with. She flew out to meet us half way across the country to do an anniversary session with my husband and me. The session was so fun and she made us feel completely comfortable. We had so much fun exploring and talking that we almost forgot the cameras were there! Kristen delivered our photos exactly within the time frame she stated they would be ready and we are so pleased with our photos. Kristen captured the beauty of the landscape without detracting from the emotion and connection between my husband and me. We can't stop looking through our photos and are so pleased with the entire experience. Thank you Kristen!"

GABBY & BRADY | Peoria, IL

"Kristen was such an amazing photographer and person! My husband and I used her for both our engagement photos and wedding and she made it so easy and comfortable to take photos that otherwise I would’ve felt so awkward taking! Kristen is absolutely amazing to work with. It was well worth the money... she made the experience amazing!

LINDSEY & MATT | Chicago, IL

"Kristen took pictures my husband and I up in Chicago and it she was not only professional but super fun. I ended up hiring Kristen to do a boudoir session for me as a surprise wedding gift for my husband and we had a blast. All of the pictures she took turned out awesome. Kristen is the kind of photographer that you hire and you end up wanting to be friends."

MARI & MASON | Sterling, IL

"Kristen was super fun to work with! She made the experience very relaxing. It felt like I was hanging out with a friend! I'd recommend her to anyone and everyone."

KATIE | Peoria, IL

"I initially reached out to Kristen because I wanted to gift my fiancé with something I knew he’d love—boudoir photos. I had been following her work and knew she was the perfect person to shoot something so intimate.

However, as Kristen and I communicated about the shoot, she transformed my perception of the session completely. I went from thinking about the photos as something only for my fiancé, something I was happy to do for him, but something I was nervous about nonetheless— to viewing this opportunity as a celebration of my body and femininity.

During the shoot, I felt so comfortable with Kristen because she was so professional, complimentary and overall, just made me feel beautiful. The photos she shared were so tasteful and artistic to the point where I was showing my girlfriends (and anyone who mentioned boudoir photography) because I loved them so much, as did my fiancé when I gave him an album before our wedding.

I have recommended Kristen to anyone and everyone who has even mentioned boudoir photography in my presence because I absolutely loved working with her and treasure the photos she created so much."

CLARE & CHRIS | Princeton, IL

I HIGHLY recommend Kristen/Maudlin Co. for wedding photography. Kristen was recommended by another vendor (always a good sign!) and we’re so happy we chose her for our engagement and wedding photos. The photos are truly stunning and nicely curated; each photo felt special and the gallery came together to tell the story of the day. The photos are authentic, candid, and you can tell a true professional was behind the camera. My husband and I are shy when it comes to having our pictures taken, but Kristen made us feel comfortable and it shows in the photos. Additionally, because of COVID, we had to change the venue more than once and Kristen was accommodating with all the changes. We’re thrilled with the outcome and will cherish these photos for years to come!

MACI & ALLY | Peoria, IL

Kristin shot the most perfect photos for our wedding in July. She knew we loved nature so she made sure to take us to a beautiful park in Peoria before our wedding to get a lot of nature shots with us and our wedding party. She was quick to respond, extremely helpful and pleasant during the wedding, and captured us and our day perfectly. 10/10 would recommend Maudlin Co!


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