Traditional definition: Boudoir is a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects in a bedroom or private dressing room environment, primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subject and his or her romantic partner.

My definition: Boudoir is a celebration of womanhood. It’s rooted from powerful womanly confidence within that is reflected physically. Its primary intent is not for the private enjoyment of a romantic partner, but rather for a woman to view herself in a real, raw, vulnerable and powerful way. This physical reflection of inner confidence is depicted in intimate, sensual, soft and to be blunt, BA images.

hello, beautiful

I’m so glad you’re here and are considering treating yourself to this incredibly liberating + powerful experience! I’m always truly humbled any time a woman reaches out to me to photograph them in a such a raw and honest way. I can’t wait to share this experience with you!

Let's get real and talk body stuff.
Details & apparel
I'm a gal with a little more to love. Can I still do a session with you?

YES YES 100% YES. Whether you're a size 2 or 20, absolutely YES. Boudoir is a celebration of womanhood and has nothing to do with dress size, sista.

I'm not sure if I should book something because I still want to lose a few more pounds.

Oh girl. I feel you, but couldn't disagree with you more. Let's get something booked now. Weight and physical appearance is the number one reason why women put off or fear boudoir sessions and that needs to change. Boudoir sessions are about our inward selves reflecting outward. Those last 10 pounds will not make you any more of confident and sensual human being because that power is already inside of you.. Right now. If you've been considering boudoir and haven't booked a session because of physical appearance alone, shake off that insecurity, sista. Your worth is rooted in something far more powerful than your dress size.

I recently had a baby and have a cesarian scar, stretch marks, or something else I'm worried about showing during the session.

There's beauty in imperfection and those imperfections are what makes us US. Those are battle scars and should be CELEBRATED, not hidden. That said, if there's something you REALLY don't want shown during your session, just let me know and we'll work around it as best as we can!

What's your stance on retouching and photoshopping?

I do little to no retouching in post production. Boudoir sessions are 100% about celebrating YOU. Raw, real, beautifully un-retouched you. However, if you wake up the morning of your session with a zit on your face, rest assured we can zap that sucker out. My rule is non-permanent things like acne, bruises, cuts, etc., let's fix. Anything else, let's celebrate.

Where do you typically shoot boudoir sessions?

The short answer: your home!! It's where you feel most comfortable and well.. at home. Don't worry about having a giant studio-esque space, I can work with just about any location (as long as you have a few windows)! Clean, minimal spaces with lots of natural light are best, but we can work with any space. Another option is renting out a local Airbnb!

What on earth do I wear?!

Honestly, it's whatever makes YOU feel sexy. You can do lingerie, and I recommend solid, neutral colors for this! If you want a more casual vibe, you can do a slouchy sweater and undies, calvin kleins, a flannel, etc.! It's also fun to incorporate something of your boo's if he has a favorite sweater or something you can steal. ;) Another effortless look I love is high waisted jeans/jean shorts and a bralette. Or just a crop top and some shorts! Definitely don't feel like you're limited to JUST lingerie! It's totally okay to think outside of the box. :) Again, whatever makes you feel womanly and confident is what I recommend, even if that's a t-shirt and shorts. If you're feeling brave by the end of it, my FAVORITE boudoir shots are being wrapped up in the sheets! I recommend no more than 3 outfits though so we can have enough time getting bomb stuff in each one!

I'm starting to get your vision and I'm leaning towards moving forward with a session, but I'm SO nervous about the actual session! Won't it be super awkward?!

I assure you all my girls reach out to me with your exact fears but come out of the session wondering why they were so worried in the first place! Think casual girl's day with drinking + dancing + music. We'll meet up at our shooting location, have a glass of wine (or 2) while we chat and listen to my boudoir playlist which has far more Beyonce songs than I'll care to admit. After that, we'll dive in! Which includes me embarrassingly acting out a few of the poses so you can get the hang of things while we continue to jam out + drink wine. It's honestly one of my favorite things to shoot because who wouldn't want to get together with a girlfriend and day drink while getting BOMB photos of you in your undies?! For real though.

Alright, alright. I think I'm ready for this!! Although I'm not sure I can afford the collection up front. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes!! I know boudoir photography is an investment and I try to be as accommodating as possible by offering payment plans! I'll need 50% up front to book your date but we can break up the payments after that!

Is there any discount if I'm one of your past/current brides?

YES! If you've booked a wedding or elopement collection with me you can take $100 off any boudoir collection!

Oh hey! Guy here! I'd love to gift a boudoir session for my girlfriend/fiance/wife. What's the best way to go about doing that?

First of all, kudos to you for thinking of doing something special for your girl!! Second, I want to gently ask you to put yourself in your lady's shoes. Gifting a boudoir session for the woman in your life can be a tricky thing to navigate. Of COURSE you have the best intentions for wanting to do this for her, but I'd encourage you to think about how she might take it! Boudoir photography is very intimate and delicate and the last thing I'd want is for her to take your kind gesture offensively! From a woman's perspective, I'd recommend talking with her prior to booking the session. Take her out to dinner and let her know how beautiful she is and that you'd love to be able to give her an experience to celebrate that beauty. You'll get the hint pretty immediately if she's into the idea or not! Then she'll have some time to prep and be much more relaxed going into the session! Any questions on this, just ask. :)

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“I initially reached out to Kristen because I wanted to gift my fiancé with something I knew he’d love—boudoir photos. I had been following her work and knew she was the perfect person to shoot something so intimate. However, as Kristen and I communicated about the shoot, she transformed my perception of the session completely. I went from thinking about the photos as something only for my fiancé, something I was happy to do for him, but something I was nervous about nonetheless— to viewing this opportunity as a celebration of my body and femininity. During the shoot, I felt so comfortable with Kristen, even shooting a few photos completely nude, because she was so professional, complimentary and overall, just made me feel beautiful.

The photos she shared were so tasteful and artistic to the point where I was showing my girlfriends (and anyone who mentioned boudoir photography) because I loved them so much, as did my fiancé when I gave him an album before our wedding. I have recommended Kristen to anyone and everyone who has even mentioned boudoir photography in my presence because I absolutely loved working with her and treasure the photos she created so much.”

xoxo Kaitie

Beyond excited you are taking this step to boldly celebrate your womanhood + beauty!