One of the ways you can preserve your wedding day memories is through a wedding album! Your album is the final piece to your wedding and it’s what you are going to hold onto for the rest of your life and possibly pass down to your children or other family members at some point in the future. This is an heirloom and I believe it’s ultimately why wedding photographers exist! An image isn’t a photograph until it’s printed and it’s actually psychologically proven that you have a far deeper experience reliving a moment when you hold a photograph in your hands rather than looking at it on a computer screen. With how fast technology is advancing, I fear for the couples who choose to only have digital copies of their images because one day they very well may be lost on a hard drive or in cyberspace. All this to say, I’m so excited to be able to offer you an opportunity to choose a legacy leather album!

Our flushmount albums are crafted by hand with archival materials. This classic heirloom features thick, layflat pages printed on photographic paper.  Leather albums embody the timeless, classic look that will always inspire. Choose from several genuine Italian grade leathers.

Our legacy album is a memoir that will age alongside you and will have a unique place in your family. It is not just a book of images from the past, but a collection of beautiful moments that will create other memories for your family every time it is pulled off the shelf. It is an experience for you and for those to come in the years ahead.

Eighty (80) Page 12×12 Custom Wedding Album


Eighty (80) Page 10×10 Custom Wedding Album


Eighty (80) Page 10×10 Custom Wedding Album (Linen Only)


8×8 Replica Parent Album


6×6 Replica Parent Album


Parent albums are exact replicas of your wedding album in smaller sizes. Payment plans are available. Illinois sales tax applies.

Do we have to design the album?

Absolutely not! I custom design every album, image by image, to best tell the story of your day.

Can we choose the photos that go into the album?

Yes! You're more than welcome to favorite images in your gallery that you want in your album. I can also design the album fully, and have you review it!

I want you to design the album (because I can't narrow it down!), but can we swap photos if we want to?

Yes! You'll have access to your album proof online where you'll be able to swap photos and make comments to ensure it's absolutely perfect before going to print!

How long does it take to get our album?

Because each album is crafted by hand specifically for you, please allow 8-10 weeks after final approval to receive your album.

Can you chose our leather for us!

Yes! If you can't decide on a leather, I'd be more than happy to surprise you with a cover I think best represents your day!

What is debossing?

Debossing simply means text "engraved" into the front leather cover. I usually use the couple's first names (i.e. Ashley & Kevin) on the cover, but if you'd prefer no debossing, we can do that as well!

How do we care for our album?

Your album will come with a lint free cover. For best care, store your album in a cool, dry location with the cover on (although, we leave ours on the table and I think that's fine too!). Most importantly, never store the album upright (always lay flat) and keep it out of the sun, moisture and excessive heat!