I photographed by first wedding 8 years ago and have been documenting weddings and elopements full time ever since.

Because I will likely spend more time with you on your wedding day than anyone else, I’m a big believer that your photographer’s energy can have a major impact on the overall feel and mood of your day. That’s why it’s so important to personally connect with the person who is going to be documenting the most emotional and intimate parts of your celebration.

I take a limited number of weddings every year so I can give the focus and attention needed with each and every couple in order to build a connection that leads to a seamless flow for your day and even more beautiful images.

ME:  enneagram four  |  I’m constantly reading the room for emotions + reactions and strive for everyone to feel comfortable + included  |  sarcastic to a fault  | I’m usually a bad joke at the wrong time |  I value a beautiful aesthetic and believe it affects your mental peace  |  am usually quiet but extremely loud around my family  |  I’m an old soul and wish I were living in the 70s  |  favorite compliment I receive from clients is that I bring a sense of calm to their wedding day

ME + YOU:  I’ve got you, 100%  |  think of me as your 5th bridesmaid/part-time planner/day of coordinator/emotional guardian/preserver of moments  |  if you’re having an emotional breakdown, I’ll put down my camera and pep talk the crap out of you  |  if your family is driving you crazy and you need a moment, I’ll keep them at bay while you regroup  |  if your sister’s hair falls out, I’ll fix it  |  if the band isn’t playing the song you asked for, I’ll ask them to change it  |  the rest of the time, I’ll be looking for all the beautiful moments in your day that you’ll look back on years from now and feel all the emotions, smell all the smells, and be in that moment again  |  I’ll give you cues rather than stiff poses during your portraits  |  we’ll listen to music, and hang out as friends while I capture your unique connection in a fun, relaxed, authentic way  |  I’m here for you


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been an old soul. And not just because I enjoy vintage board games, listened to 60s music with my grandpa as a kid instead of pop, and eat Grape Nuts cereal every night.

I’ve always been attracted to the past. There’s something about it that feels effortless, simple, and pure. Things that seem important to us now didn’t matter then. We were in the moment. We were present. How this era was documented on film resonates in the depths of my souls. It’s candid. In the moment. Effortless. REAL.

My parents have been married for over 37 years and their wedding photos taken on film play a major role in my inspiration. They’re candid, imperfect, and timeless.

Here’s a few of my favorite photos taken on their wedding day in 1985.

And just in case you couldn’t get enough of these cutie patooties, I’ve included more film from their honeymoon.

“Working with Kristen is a dream. She is the most incredible human who cares deeply about the couples she works with. From the moment she stepped foot onto our wedding venue, everything was effortless, fun and relaxing. She was by far my favorite person to work with on our wedding day because she kept my husband and I laughing all day and allowed us to slow down through all the crazy to just enjoy time together as a newly married couple.”

“In the end, you HAVE to pick a photographer whose work moves you. Speaks to you. Someone you can get along with. Someone who will be a friend. And I know that person will be different for everyone. But for me, I couldn’t have found a more perfect soul to accompany us on the beginning of this adventure. I will be forever grateful.”