Hi, I’m Kristen.

      And I’m so glad you found my little corner of the internet. I approach wedding photography a little differently than most photographers.

      I focus on the small, seemingly insignificant moments during a wedding day. The wind blowing through a bride’s hair. Kiddos stealing cupcakes at the reception. Grandparents holding hands during the vows. The sun peeking through the trees at sunset. A flirty glance from a bridesmaid to her date. I’ll get the big ones too. But I believe capturing all those small moments and details are what make your love story your love story.

      Most of my inspiration is from nature, human emotion (and doggie emotion, if we’re being honest), and the perfectly imperfect photographs from the film days. I shoot on both film and digital so you can relive the day you started the rest of your life with your snookums for decades to come.

      “Not only are Kristen Kaiser’s photographs a true work of art, but the integrity + client-centeredness of their business is unsurpassed. We knew we weren’t just ‘hiring’ Kristen, but choosing to make an investment… in us, for our day. Our wedding day photographs are a treasure.

      Now those precious once-in-a-lifetime moments aren’t just memories running through our minds but moments captured. Tangible reminders of… redemption, freedom, + love. Our story was a story well told.”